Why Southern Nevada?

Las Vegas Red Rocks

Southern Nevada offers an abundant and high quality workforce, low operating costs, and unparalleled global connectivity for businesses in a broad array of industry clusters.

  • Las Vegas has one of the most affordable business climates in the United States while also having easy access to large California markets and ports. From Las Vegas, you can deliver same-day, round-trip trucking to Los Angeles and Phoenix.
  • With one-day rail routes to Salt Lake City and Los Angeles, Southern Nevada offers an excellent distribution point in the Southwest.
  • McCarran International Airport is one of the busiest destination airports in the United States, and we have some of the lowest corporate annual travel costs in the country.
  • Las Vegas boasts first-in-class fiber-optic data connections, making it a national data hub.
  • Las Vegas hosts more than six million convention-goers a year, making it a hub for corporate meetings and events.
  • Las Vegas is a hotbed for start-ups with a dynamic entrepreneurial class and support from local institutions.

“Las Vegas ranks near the top in US Cities with the Most Startup Activity ”

-2015 Kauffman Index via Tech.co

“No. 1 Corporate & Individual Income Tax Rank in the United States”

-Tax Foundation’s 2015 State Business Tax Climate Index

“Golden Shovel Award Winner 2015″

– Area Development magazine

These are just the basics about our marketplace. The LVGEA is a resource that can help provide in-depth market data and an array of other services for businesses.