Southern Nevada’s Workforce

Workforce Training Programs

The Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation (DETR) is a public organization that provides job training and placement; workplace discrimination education; and workplace and economic data. DETR provides many of these services through its partnership with the Nevada JobConnect system, which facilitates job placement opportunities with Southern Nevada employers.

Within DETR, the Rehabilitation Division provides services that are designed to address assessment, training, treatment, and job placement for Nevadans with disabilities. The Rehabilitation Division focuses on providing the necessary resources to help clients work and live independently.

The College of Southern Nevada Division of Workforce and Economic Development and the University of Nevada Las Vegas Office of Economic Development provide students, employers and employees with services to learn new career skills. The offices also partner directly with businesses in Southern Nevada to provide customized training, research, technology transfer, and small business services.

Nevada Industry Excellence serves as the Nevada System of Higher Education Industrial Extension Program.  The organization’s primary purpose is to work directly with Nevada companies to strengthen global competitiveness by providing information, decision support and implementation assistance in adopting new, more advanced technologies, techniques and best business practices.  Programs include lean systems workshops, quality systems, quiksigma software, energy services, sales and marketing, growth services, technical services, organizational development, and supply chain management.

Workforce Training Grants

Silver State Works is a program through Nevada JobConnect, providing employers up to $2,000 per employee in incentive reimbursement or training allowance for each state-qualified employee. For more information, click here.

Workforce Connections serves as an intermediary between employers and the community to fill jobs in Southern Nevada. Businesses can access labor and job training resources from Workforce Connections. For job seekers, the organization offers job training, education, and employment opportunities. Workforce Connections is the Southern Nevada Workforce Investment Board and has the responsibility of providing Nevadans with the proper tools that will assist them with finding employment.