Why Invest?

Investors are the driving force behind LVGEA’s impactful community and economic development efforts. By investing in LVGEA, you’re helping us strengthen our economy and build a globally competitive community. Your investment directly increases our ability to:

           • Grow jobs through new and existing businesses

           • Align public, private and educational leaders

           • Implement Southern Nevada’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

           • Advance business-friendly policies at the Federal, State and Local levels

           • Promote Southern Nevada globally as a leading business location

           • Provide insightful research, data, analysis and forecasting

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See in-depth details about the LVGEA in its 2016 Annual Report

See our work in action: Businesses expanded or attracted in Southern Nevada

For more information and general investor inquiries, please contact Terrence Thornton at 702.791.0016.

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