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Everyone Knows

Las Vegas is the best place in the world to visit. What they don’t know is that here, you can do so much more. Help us share the other half of the story and dispel the myths about living in Vegas once and for all.

Myth 1: No one really lives here

Myth 2: There are no small businesses

Myth 3: It’s always hot

Myth 4: Vegas has no culture

Myth 5: Everyone is related to “the mob”

Myth 6: Life is a nonstop party

Myth 7: Vegas is not family friendly



Tell Us Why You Love Living Here

Share what you love about living in Vegas! Help us show the world that our city is the perfect place to live, work, engage, and of course, start a business. Here, you can do anything and we’re on a mission to prove it.

Several times I’ve thought about re-locating and yet I haven’t been able to make the move away from Las Vegas. When I compare the cost of living, low tax-rates, beautiful weather, affordable living, endless business opportunities, and the array of entertainment options, I cannot find a reason to leave. After 28 years, Las Vegas remains my home and will for many years to come. There is no comparison to many great amenities Las Vegas has to offer.

Jonathan Simon Simon Event Group

A place like Las Vegas is one of the greatest cities in the United States because it will not allow anyone to be prejudice, bias or hateful due to the diversity that the city has to offer. As a local you have the leisure to enjoy the busy nightlife and/or the ability to enjoy the nature of the mountains that we are surround by. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere other than Vegas at this point in my life.

Shawna Rice Lucas Group

We love living and doing business in Las Vegas. For a creative digital performance marketing agency with clients all over the country and world, it’s so easy to get anywhere at any time. The local economy continues to diversify in interesting ways. From food to art, events and sports, the local culture is often underrated and overlooked. We have a diverse mix of people from around the country who love Las Vegas and create the type of community pride you would find in any large city.

B.C. LeDoux Noble Studios

As a professional woman and business owner I have been able to personally and professionally thrive here in a way that would be unheard of anyplace else.

Aviva Gordon Gordon Law

After 35 years in Vegas I am more excited about the future that I have ever been. Las Vegas is constantly changing and looking forward.

Dennis Morrison Las Vegas City Lights

Las Vegas has the hospitality of the south, the vibes of LA without the traffic and cost of living, the untamed, wild spirit of the southwest, the food and entertainment of a big city, with the close-knit community of a small town. Here, if you can dream it, you can do it; as long as your willing to roll up your sleeves and make it happen.

Sara Bloom Taylor Capriotti's