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Leading the Nation in Private Sector Job Growth

Source: U.S. Labor Department, Year-Over-Year Job Gains (2017)

Greater Las Vegas: Here, you can.

Why Choose Vegas?

Greater Las Vegas is a community full of big thinkers, bold ideas, and innovative businesses. Our culture of reinvention helped transform our region from a pioneering railroad stop into one of the most iconic international destinations in just one-hundred years. Las Vegas is a place that likes to get things done; understanding that the way we did things yesterday may not be the best way to do them tomorrow. We pride ourselves on empowering businesses large, small, and everything in between so that when it comes to reaching your goals: Here, you can.

Top State for Economic Growth Potential

Business Facilities (2018)

2nd Busiest Origin and Destination Airport in U.S.

McCarren Airport Annual Report (2017)

Best Economic Health Ranking in the U.S.

Forbes American Dream Index (2017)

Greater Vegas has a great deal to offer: a reliable pro-business operating environment that empowers innovation, the nations’ 8th-busiest airport that provides world-class connectivity, a core industry attracting 43 million visitors a year, competitive operating costs and a commitment to quality of life that has helped the region attract new residents and businesses alike. The region has long-demonstrated its resourcefulness, resilience, and willingness to invest in the future.

The Southern Nevada region is home to 2.2 million people, 980,000 workers, and 56,00 employer businesses. The region regularly ranks highest in the nation’s growth and investment metrics. The population growth alone is three times higher than the national average, while $15 billion in projects are currently in the development pipeline. People are moving to Greater Vegas for many reasons–such as jobs, retirement, proximity to family and friends, and quality of life.

Global Brand

#1 Trade Show Destination

Trade Show News Network

150,000 Hotel Rooms

Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

43 Million Visitors in 2017

Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

Let the World Come to You

The Las Vegas tourism economy creates access to arts, sports, and entertainment unlike anywhere in the world. The region benefits from the robust tourism economy in southern Nevada with 150,000 hotel rooms with 290,000 hospitality industry employees, and more than 2 million square feet of convention and meeting space.

Pro-Business Environment


Private Businesses

Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation


in Project Investments

Applied Analysis


Western State to do Business With

Area Development Magazine

Location Advantages

You Can Reach 60 Million Consumers Within a Day's Drive

Get Easy Access to Large California Markets and Nearby Ports

Same-day, Round-trip Trucking to Los Angeles and Phoenix

Take Advantage of One-day rail routes to Salt Lake City and Los Angeles

Travel Distance from Vegas

Access to Market, Labor, and Consumers


Greater Vegas is strategically located along Interstate 15 and is within a five-hour drive of 9 percent of the nation’s population.

It is within a two-hour flight of 25 percent of the nation’s population. In fact, the region is less than one day’s drive from 60 million consumers and five major United States ports servicing the Pacific Rim.

Quality of Life

Greater Vegas boasts very competitive cost of living and cost of operations, with below-average housing costs, no personal or corporate income taxes, and some of the lowest effective property tax rates in the nation. In addition, there are no inventory, unitary, special intangible estate or inheritance income.


Diverse and Stable Energy Infrastructure

Nevada uses several sources to generate electricity, including natural gas, renewables, coal, and a small amount from fuel oil or other gas. Currently, more than two-thirds of the state’s electricity is produced in natural gas-fired power plants; coal and renewables comprise most of the remaining amount. Nevada has seen an increase in renewable energy production and continues to develop its abundant renewable energy resources, such as geothermal and solar, for use both within the state and for exportation. Nevada has an extensive capacity for renewables resources and increased generation. Currently, renewables account for about 14 percent of state energy sources. Nevada ranks first nationally in solar capacity per capita.


Sound and Sustainable Water Resource Management



Las Vegas uses just 5% of Nevada Water

Southern Nevada Water Authority

Water Reserves

8 Years of Water in Reserve

Southern Nevada Water Authority


99% all Indoor Water Recycled

Southern Nevada Water Authority

Southern Nevada is a desert climate, meaning water resources are limited and conservation is critical. Luckily, the region is situated next to the nation’s largest man-made reservoir, Lake Mead, which provides ample water for the region. The deep-water intake and pumping station will provide water to Las Vegas, even if lake levels continue to decline. That said, it would be difficult to find a community that has been more aggressive relative to conservation during the past 15 years. 


Since 2002, Clark County’s population has increased by more than 600,000 residents while its consumptive use of water has declined by 28 percent.

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