Expanding the Health Care Industry in Southern Nevada

Economic development and high quality health care go hand in hand. Find out how the LVGEA is partnering to grow the health care industry in Southern Nevada.



Partnering with Local Health Care Organizations

As the regional economic development authority for Southern Nevada, the LVGEA partners with organizations across the region to advance the health care industry in Southern Nevada. LVGEA staff work closely with Las Vegas HEALS (Health, Education, Advocacy, Leadership of Southern Nevada) on a variety of issues important to the health care community, including the expansion of medical education, the recruitment of physicians and medical practices to Southern Nevada, and the expansion of residency programs at area hospitals and medical centers.


Fostering Health and Wellness Tourism

The global medical and wellness tourism sector is a large and growing part of the global travel and tourism industry.  What started as a few providers offering cheaper or higher quality services across political or economic borders has blossomed into a global industry, complete with trade organizations, certified practitioners, and academic research that helps the industry respond quickly to changing health care and travel dynamics.

Over the past few years, Las Vegas has actively explored the global medical tourism market.  Health care providers have been recruited from outside of the region, specialties have developed global reputations, and regional facilities for training and clinical simulation have been built up.  In short, a great deal of thought and energy has been put into the medical tourism effort, and, finally, the market is beginning to show early signs of success.

In 2013 and 2014, the LVGEA partnered with Las Vegas HEALS, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration to author the a Strategic Plan for Medical and Wellness Tourism. The plan is now in its implementation stage, and will help to grow the health care economy in Southern Nevada.

Supporting Regional Medical Education

Economic development and high quality health care go hand in hand. In many cities, high quality health care is driven by high quality academic medical schools and residency programs. The LVGEA is a strong supporter of medical education, and has publically supported efforts to expand it in Southern Nevada.

After a large lobbying effort by the business community and groups like the LVGEA, the Nevada Legislature appropriated the necessary funds to build an all-new public allopathic medical school at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  The UNLV Medical School is slated to welcome its inaugural class in 2017.  Also  2017, the private and nonprofit medical school at Roseman University will be accepting students at their Summerlin campus, and in Henderson, Touro University of Nevada is continuing to train osteopathic doctors for hospitals and medical centers all over the region. Plans are also moving forward to greatly expand graduate medical residencies in Southern Nevada. All told, these efforts could yield thousands of jobs and greatly elevate the quality of health care in the Southern Nevada region. In addition, Southern Nevada is home to several other public and private institutions that focus on the medical field. See a list of those institutions below.


Touro University Touro University Nevada was established to help address critical personnel needs in health sciences and education and as a resource for community service in the state of Nevada. Touro is Nevada’s largest medical school, and offers a wide range of advanced degree programs to its 1400 students, including the only Masters programs in Physician Assistant Studies and Occupational Therapy.
Roseman University

Formed in 1999, Roseman University of Health Sciences is the brainchild of founders, and spouses, Dr. Harry Rosenberg and Dr. Rene Coffman. Through entrepreneurialism and innovation, Drs. Rosenberg and Coffman grew the private, non-profit institution to over 1000 students.

UNLV School of Medicine The University of Nevada Las Vegas is creating a world-class center for education, patient care, and research that prepares Nevada’s doctors with the most innovative and technologically advanced forms of medical training. The medical school will generate a local economic impact of more than $1 billion annually and create 8,000 jobs by 2030.
NIPM-logo-graphic-transparent Supported by the Nevada Knowledge Fund, the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, Switch Supernap, and Intel, the The Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine (NIPM) at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is working to improve individual and systemic health care through translational clinical scientific research, education and workforce training, commercialization of technologies, and job creation.   Modern healthcare relies largely on an expensive “one-size-fits-most” model for diagnosis and treatment that often fails to account for biological differences between people. Personalized medicine is different. Your unique genetic makeup – your DNA – already encodes the blueprint for effective treatment and disease prevention. NIPM helps move Nevada from the trial-and-error medicine of today to the data-driven decision making of tomorrow by decoding the human genome to predict disease susceptibility, sift through treatment options, and fine-tune drug dosages to minimize adverse effects and help Nevadans lead longer and healthier lives.
ccsn-logo  The College of Southern Nevada’s health sciences programs contribute thousands of graduates to Southern Nevada’s health care workforce, and Nevada State College provides several nursing degree programs. The University of Nevada Las Vegas’ health sciences programs also provide pre-professional fast-track degrees in various fields.
nevada-state-college Nevada State College offers affordable opportunities for individuals seeking a degree in the nursing profession. The small classes, along with dedicated faculty, allow for individual attention to promote student success. Partnerships with hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organizations provide students with valuable hands-on opportunities to learn what area may suit them best.
UNLV-SDM-Logo  The UNLV School of Dental Medicine provides world-class oral health education while providing for the dental needs of Nevada residents.  With specialties in orthodontics, dentofacial orthopedics, and pediatric dentistry, the UNLV School of Dental Medicine is a valuable resource to the region.
UNLV-school-of-nursing-photo  Celebrating 50 years of service to the community, the UNLV School of Nursing is integrated into the fabric of Southern Nevada’s health care industry. With over $20M in grants and a top ranked online graduate program, the UNLV School of Nursing is one of the gems of Nevada’s higher education system.
Pima_Medical_Institute-East_Valley_1376784  Pima Medical Institute is a national for-profit medical institution that helps students achieve a degree in the medical field. Founded in 1972, Pima Medical Institute provides students with hands on training to provide them with the chance to lead in their medical profession. For more information about Pima Medical Institute, visit www.pmi.edu.