Building Community

See how LVGEA is becoming an engine of regional community development.

The mission of the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance calls for the organization to help grow the economy through community development, along with business recruitment, expansion, and attraction. The Las Vegas and greater Southern Nevada region already offers unparalleled amenities and services that combine to make living in Southern Nevada an attraction for our diverse and growing population. But Southern Nevada’s dynamic approach to economic and community development means that the LVGEA is never quite done working on important community development issues. Check out some of the areas in which we are engaged below.

Community development priorities:

Aligning Education and Economic Development

Education and Economic Development are inextricably linked, and the LVGEA works hard to ensure that our public education systems produce the workforce necessary for the 21st Century Global Economy.

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Stewarding Regional Economic Development

Economic Development is central to everything we do at the LVGEA. Find out how we are coordinating and elevating Southern Nevada’s economic development infrastructure.

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Attracting New Workforce to Southern Nevada

High value companies need a highly educated workforce to thrive, so the LVGEA has made attracting a young, tech savvy workforce one of its top priorities.

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Fostering Tech Startups

Southern Nevada is quickly becoming a hotbed for tech startups. Find out how the LVGEA is partnering with regional startup hubs, like the Innevation Center, powered by Switch, and the Downtown Project, to support the region’s startups.

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Transportation Infrastructure drives Business Growth

Transportation infrastructure facilitates commerce, but smart infrastructure can drive new workforce to the region. Find out how LVGEA is working with community partners to drive new infrastructure investment to the region.

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Expanding the Health Care Industry in Southern Nevada

Economic development and high quality health care go hand in hand. Find out how the LVGEA is partnering to grow the health care industry in Southern Nevada.

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Working with Nevada’s Legislative Leaders

As the premier economic development policy group in Southern Nevada, LVGEA works with legislative leaders to advance policies that spur regional economic development.

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