Annual Reports

The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance publishes its annual report to share success stories, show progress on our action plan, highlight key performance metrics, and showcase our investors, board members, and finances.

2018 Annual Report

Prior to the formation of the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA), regional economic development efforts in  Southern Nevada were significant but lacked organization. Municipalities in the region battled for new economic development projects. Legislation passed by the Nevada legislature in 2011 called for better coordination of municipal economic development efforts, and LVGEA, as the new regional economic development authority, took up this call.

The Greater Las Vegas Region continues to thrive, thanks to the hard work of organizations like the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance. In the last 12 months, the LVGEA and its regional partners helped to add 4,369 jobs, which will have a $618.7 million economic impact over the next year.

The LVGEA succeeds because it is driven by its mission to help Nevada’s residents thrive in a global economy by fostering a more prosperous, diverse and connected regional economy. Since its launch in 2012, the LVGEA has become a respected leader in economic development for its contributions in helping Nevada’s economy bounce back after the Great Recession.

The organization has dedicated itself to growing the regional economy by recruiting companies, supporting the growth of our existing firms, and aggressively telling the story of Las Vegas that exists beyond the bright lights of the famous Strip. With the support of our community partners and investors, the LVGEA has become one of the most productive community and economic development organizations in the Southwest.


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