6 Ways Companies and Students Benefit From Internships In Las Vegas

By Jake Mcclelland, Director Of Workforce Development

As the workforce continues to transform and evolve, there is an increasing demand for internships in Las Vegas. With this in mind, LVGEA partnered with Workforce Connections to launch our new internship program called HireUp.

Through this collaboration, we can connect employers and students with internship opportunities to diversify and strengthen Southern Nevada’s workforce. Acting as a matchmaking center, the program will provide employers and interns with one-stop access to opportunities that best suit their needs.

We believe that these connections between early talent and organizations can benefit both parties. Here are six ways internships in Las Vegas can help companies and students.

Benefits for employers

Implementing an internship program can help companies establish a talent pipeline and build connections with candidates through real-life experience.

Reducing Overall Employee Workload

An internship can help employers increase their talent bench when they need to ramp up quickly for short-term intensive projects. If employees are out on vacation or medical leave, interns can help absorb the workload in a cost-effective way while learning on the job.

Receive New Perspectives

Younger employees offer a diverse and different set of skills to the workforce. As digital natives, many interns will often have a deeper understanding of technology and its application to current trends. Interns also often quickly adapt to change and work well in fast-paced environments. Hiring student interns is also an opportunity to support diversity and inclusion efforts.

Recruiting Made Easier

An internship program is an excellent opportunity to create a continuous pipeline of talent for an organization. In addition, employers get to watch these potential full-time employees in action and see their knowledge, skills, and abilities first-hand.


Benefits for students

For college students, an internship is a great way to gain an insider’s view into a possible career path while testing whether an option is right for them.

Building A Network

Networking is perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of an internship for students. With clear networking goals, students can receive positive recommendations and future job offers from employers. In most cases, an intern will be assigned a mentor to provide feedback and information. If students are friendly, inquisitive, and engage in conversations, they are likely to be considered for other great opportunities.

Master Professional and Workplace Competencies

During an internship, there will be many collaborative efforts for students to share their ideas and insights. By working with leadership and in team settings, students can gain essential communication skills. Internships allow students to process information and present solutions to problems while gaining feedback along the way.

Gain Realistic Expectations To Succeed

Establishing realistic expectations is essential to finding a meaningful career path. Students who received realistic expectations about employment prospects were likely to achieve purposeful work, according to a 2019 Gallup study commissioned by Bates College. With more real-world experiences, students will have more confidence when exploring career opportunities down the road.

About HireUp

At HireUp, we believe in the power of interns. Our goal is simple; to dramatically enhance the placement of internships in Southern Nevada. Our program works by leveraging the collective resources of many partners to connect employers with interns. Through HireUp, students have one-stop access to great internship opportunities, and employers have access to many of the best and brightest students. The HireUp program is managed by LVGEA, in partnership with Workforce Connections and Vegas Chamber.

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